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Neither Here Nor There

an exercise in frivolity

17 January 1989

I currently RP at:

Siren's Pull

Siren's Pull
. Dr. Kirk Langstrom
. Ishida Uryuu
. Sam Merlotte


60s, 70s, 80s, accents, acting, animals, animation, arrested development, art, biking, books, british humor, british slang, broots, bubbles, buffy the vampire slayer, cartooning, cartoons, cereal, characterization, cheese, chess, childhood, christopher walken, comedy, comics, communist russia, computer games, con artists, conspiracy, corruption, creativity, criminology, cult classics, cunning, cynicism, demons, dialogue, disney, doodles, drawing, dreams, drums, expressions, facial hair, fae, fantasy, flogging molly, folk, folklore, gargoyles, gloves, gogol bordello, grasshoppers, h.g. wells, history, icons, illusions, imagination, ink, insanity, insects, intelligence, jazz, kinks, laughing, literature, little miss sunshine, madness, malcolm in the middle, masks, metaphors, milk, mind fucks, misadventures, monk, monty python, muppets, musicals, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, orson welles, paranoia, parody, patrick stewart, peanut butter, philosophy, photoshop, pink floyd, plays, poetry, poker, politics, psychology, puddles, queen, questions, quirks, r.e.m., randall flagg, reading, rebellion, red dwarf, reflections, religion, riddles, rincewind, road trips, rock, roleplay, rp, sandwiches, sarcasm, satire, scarves, science fiction, scotland, scrubs, shadows, simon and garfunkel, sketches, snuggling, soccer, sociology, sourdough bread, sparkling cider, spontaneity, stand up, stephen king, subtlety, swing, terry pratchett, the beatles, the colbert report, the daily show, the pretender, the wall, the who, theatre, thieves, tolerance, traveling, tricksters, true blood, valentine, venture brothers, video games, words, writing